Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring coming to CA !!
We've gotten some fresh items which is Perfect for the new season !!

Our first recommendation is....
Because of simple- Because of denim !!
The Must-Have item!!
 Able to wear in many combination of different styles!
You can do such a kimawashi work for changeable weather!
The material is not too thick- easy wear, perfect for Spring or summer's cold nights!

White of magic!!
White makes amazingly women look more beautiful!
and also works for pure girly looks too!
The design is sweet x spice so perfect for sexy ladies to
mix with washed out denim or even leather biker skinny!
I'm sure it will make you supper attractive! ;) ☆

If you think you can't pull off the white sweetness, Don't worry! We got you covered with JOI's items!
JOI designer Shiho Joi caters to the ladies who love sexy x comfort only!!
She chooses super soft fabrics,  fabulous color, uniquely designed shapes,,,everything for your comfort x luxurious feel! It's Must Have for your casual luxury day offs!
Some of JOI's exclusive items are only sold here! and only few more left!
Get yours before run out!


 Ethnic style with elegance.
 Put this on and instantly celebrity luxury!
 Sweet exotic!  from ROHAS.

  Exotic beach girl !!

  Lovely denim remake short pants
                     from ROHAS

Dress up your skin gorgeously in luxurious accessories !!

Imported from Japan! Exclusive fine items!
Perfect for a gift for someone special...

See you at 2WJD♡


Monday, February 20, 2012

JOI's New collection at Las Vegas !!

JOI attended one of the biggest international fashion events, the Magic trade show in Las Vegas.
Tens of thousand of attendees from over 80 countries met more than 5000 brands!

on the set at the booth of JOI by Shiho Oribe 

Novelty Shirts from JOI by Jewel Oribe!
We met the cute model at POOL! He looks so cute in the Novelty shirt!

                                          JOI designer Shiho Oribe 
            Jeffrey Relf from The Fashion Office (TFO) PR came by JOI's booth!!
He is super!!! He has done numerous styling for well-known Celebrity!

 JOI's Spring Collections have arrived at 2WJD!!

You'll enjoy the California spring with the new JOI items☆

                                                   Emerald Green color is exclusively sold at 2WJD!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

★☆★☆Clearace Sale☆★☆★at 2wjd !!!!

All items are 30%-50% off !! also,we have Final sale items.
You can get these for a special price..★

These lovely bags can be used in three ways!!  For shoulder bag, handbag or a pouch!   $42.99→$19.99

LYDC/LONDON  Brown bag  $72.99→$52.99

Green braided bag $59.99→$29.99

          Mouton booty Final Sale $57.99→ $39.99
Glitter Shoes (Kid's & Adult)  $39.99 → $9.99
Studded Jacket   $58.99 → $39.99

  Brown Mouton Vest   $64.99 → $42.99
Pop Colored Design Knit  $54.99 → $42.99
 Dress $62.99 → $39.99
                                                                     Gown $59.99 → $39.99
                                                                                                            (Other Color Variation)

Loose Knit $57.99→$39.99
Men's T-shirts $15.99~

Men's Jeans $32.99~

                 Men's Shoes 30% off !!

                                                                                                                               and more......

These items are only a few of the boutique's Sales items!!
Come to 2wjd and find your favorite items!
We are looking forward to seeing you★

Friday, October 21, 2011

Rocco Originals Eyewear Licensed by Swarovski Crystal in Store Now!

Rocco Originals Eyewear, licensed by Swarovski Crystal, is now at 2WJD!  Made in Texas, these gorgeous eyewear are decorated with real Swarovski crystals, come hand finished, and are sunglasses and reading glasses as well!

The delicate bow accents on these shades are extremely feminine!  On the brown leopard spotted sunglasses the bows are gold and on silver on the black one they are silver.

Close up of the bow!

Rocco Originals Eyewear is licensed by Swarovski Crystal to use real Swarovski crystals!  These glasses look incredibly beautiful when the crystals catch the light and are the perfect gift for a girlfriend or someone you admire!

Close up of Swarovski crystal swirls!  So unique!

Swarovski crystals are also incorporated into the design of the silver frames of the these black sunglasses!

These glasses are sunglasses and reading glasses in one!  Great for a Sunday picnic or reading a book in the park!

Close up of this bold animal print!

These glasses are also sunglasses and reading glasses.  The beautiful colors of coffee brown and black stripes or light gray and black stripes adds style to any fashionista's outfit!

The price for each pair of sunglasses is around $25!  Come and check out the other Rocco Originals Eyewear at the 2WJD store!

Friday, October 14, 2011

2WJD Designer Shiho Oribe Nominated as a L.A. Woman!

What makes a person inspirational?  The Los Angeles Magazine nominated 2WJD and JOI by Jewel Oribe designer Shiho Oribe as a L.A. Woman for her achievements!  Shiho's work includes designing the 2WJD and JOI fashion lines and raising 20K-30K through her church for aid to Japan.  She is thankful to all of her congregation members!

Check out the link and vote by clicking the facebook "like" button:

Let's make this happen!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

2WJD Fashion Show at the Cherry Blossom Festival!

2WJD had the honor of working with models from Yoshitomo Kaneda san's Hollywood Entertainment Academy (HWDEA) at the 2011 Southern California Cherry Blossom Festival in Little Tokyo!  The models wore clothes for the Fall Season such as knit sweaters, colored scarves, and cute, fur-lined boots.  After the fashion show, some of the models showcased their singing talents and Kaneda san led a fierce karate demonstration!


Kaneda is president of HWDEA, where students learn acting, singing, voice-over, dance, modeling and martial arts to break into the entertainment industry.  For more information about Kaneda san and the HWDEA, read this post:

If you would like to learn how to do modeling, singing, or karate like this, check out Kaneda san's Hollywood Entertainment Academy here: